Thursday, January 29, 2015

Marshmallow Filled S'more Cupcakes

I recently received two different baking products for free that I needed to test out. The first one was this BakeItFun baking mat. The second were these silicone baking cups. They come in fun colors and there are 24 of them in a package. I only needed 12 for this recipe. This recipe is more to test out the products and not necessarily for the actual recipe. Most of it is..well, cheating.
To start with I used the silicone baking cups. I cheated and used a boxed mix. It was a S'more mix with graham cracker base, chocolate cake and marshmallow filling. Then I iced the cupcakes with chocolate icing, graham cracker crumbs and then...the fun part! I put marshmallows on the baking mat. It's non-stick so that comes in handy in a bit.
The I put them under the broiler in the oven and watched. It takes less than 5 minutes so watch carefully!
After they start to brown, take them out of the oven. Use a flat metal spatula to pick them up and place them on the cupcakes. Smash them down a little bit so they'll stick! And end up with..this!
I liked both of the products. The baking cups are cute and colorful and easy to clean. The baking mat is dishwasher safe and very non-stick. It's easier to fit in the oven then the cookie sheet that you would NEED to wash if you hadn't used the mat. I'd definitely recommend both products!!


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